Facebook Phone Rumors Prove Relentless

Although spokespersons for Facebook have denied the “rumor,” the buzz about a new smartphone turning up in the near future continues to hound those who run Facebook, one of the world’s largest online social networking communities.

According to a much talked about report from TechCrunch, Facebook is considering launching its very own smartphone.

While “sources” at Facebook deny any knowledge of a Facebook branded smartphone, the report references two “high level Facebook employees” – Joe Hewitt and Matthew Papakipos – who are said to now be “secretly working on this particular project.”

TechCrunch notes that both men have “deep operating system experience” and the know-how to facilitate such a product for social-networking gurus who might actually spring for a “Facebook phone.” Of course, it isn’t yet evident what a Facebook smartphone would offer users that any other smartphone running a Facebook app could not.

Still, much fascination remains about this hyped but probably still mythical lab project. Nonetheless, the folks at TechCrunch are quick to point out a friendly reminder that they were the first to report about a Google mobile phone before anyone thought such a device would actually roll out so soon if ever.

In other words, TechCrunch buys the story, even though many others in the media and tech crowd are clearly taking a wait and see approach to the talk surrounding a forthcoming Facebook phone.