Facebook Marketing Partner AreaOne Expands to Beijing

Facebook Marketing Partner AreaOne Expands to BeijingThe team at AreaOne is on the move.

While having already successfully served various companies in Asian markets for years, AreaOne says it is becoming the first Facebook Marketing Partner to open offices in Beijing, China.

“As one of the most important markets for AreaOne, opening a branch in China was a natural strategic next step for us,” says Alon Michaeli, AreaOne’s CEO.

The company’s Beijing team will be led by Xiaoyun Wu, Head of Sales and Operations, APAC.

“From Beijing we are now positioned to provide the most tailored marketing technology solutions and service for our Asian clients on Facebook and across the mobile marketing ecosystem through the programmatic A1 Platform,” Wu said this week.

In the region, AreaOne currently serves a “diverse client base” including Baidu, IGG, ChangYou, Boyaa Interactive and NetEase among many others.