Facebook Making Major Moves in Mobile

Social networking giant Facebook says things are changing at the company as Zuckberg and crew give mobile a renewed focus.

According to Dow Jones Newswires:

Facebook on Thursday said that it has shaken up its engineering teams to make targeting smartphones a top priority at the world’s leading social network.

“We have really just re-organized the company to build faster on mobile,” Facebook director of product management Peter Deng said. “In the past six months we transplanted mobile engineers to the other teams. Slowly, over time we are making everyone a mobile engineer.”

Facebook says that roughly 7,000 different models of mobile devices are used by the mobile masses to connect with Facebook today. As a natural result, this reality presents a series of critical challenges to the engineers at Facebook.

Facebook released a rebuilt application for iPhones a few weeks ago and saw its rating in Apple’s online App Store go from two to four stars.

“Internally, we are psyched,” says Facebook product manager Mick Johnson. “This is really just the start of the road for us; there are many things we want to do.”

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