Facebook Knows You’re Concerned About Your Privacy, Introduces Privacy Basics

Facebook Knows You’re Concerned About Your Privacy, Introduces Privacy BasicsSocial media giant Facebook is aware of the fact that millions of consumers are becoming more concerned about their online privacy. To that end they just introduced Privacy Basics, and have even written a blog about it, to address these fears.

It appears that Privacy Basics is aimed at giving Facebook users the information they need to control their privacy on the site as well as update them about any changes.

The blog was written by Erin Egan, Facebook’s Chief Privacy Officer, and talks about how Privacy Basics will allow users to control their information, and better guard their privacy, on the site. She also writes about how users can “get more out of Facebook” and how the company is constantly improving their site to give users a better experience.

Using Privacy Basics a user can, for example,  get  help from an interactive guide on doing things like blocking a person from being able to view their Facebook feed,  “unfriending” someone and “untagging” a photograph on the site.

It’s interesting information, to say the least, and anyone who uses Facebook on a regular basis should definitely give it a read.

From making purchases easier to discovering who’s around, finding out how your private information is shared with advertisers and understanding how Facebook actually uses all of the data about you that they receive, the article, and Privacy Basics, seems to be a step in the right direction for a company with millions of users concerned about their privacy.