Facebook Hobbles Ad Blockers, But Provides Consumers More Control Over Ads

The Social Media Monster More Than Half of Americans Will Log into Facebook This YearFacebook obviously wants to cut down on the number of users who block the social media site’s bread and butter: advertising.

Now the social site will try to find a balance by both making it harder for ad blockers to work on its site while also introducing new ad preferences that let people “tell Facebook not to serve them ads from particular companies that may be targeting them.”

“If a consumer is on a brand’s email list, for example, she can prevent the brand from using her email to find her on Facebook,” reports Garett Sloane of AdAge. “Facebook’s preferences will now show users the advertisers that have them on email lists, and present them with the option to stop receiving ads from those brands.”

“People can modify the interest we use to show them ads to make them more relevant to their interests,” said Adam Bosworth, VP for Ads and Business Platform at Facebook.

The changes benefit the marketers, too, according to Mr. Bosworth. “Advertisers want to make sure they’re spending money in a way they think will be effective for them.”

On the other hand, Facebook is introducing an initiative — not entirely revealed — that will thwart ad blockers’ attempts to discern sponsored posts from non-sponsored posts. This is new to Facebook, which has heretofore been just as susceptible to ad-blockers on its desktop site as any other publisher.

“It will be really hard for ad-blockers to distinguish what is an ad and what is not an ad,” Bosworth said.

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