Facebook Has High Hopes for Cloud Based Mobile Platform Provider

On Friday, StackMob – a cloud-based mobile platform provider – announced it has been selected as a charter member of the Facebook Technology Partners Program.

The Facebook Technology Partners Program is described as a group of technology providers that will help developers build mobile applications integrated with Facebook.

StackMob is among a small handful of developer-centric technologies tapped by Facebook that are “easy to use and help to increase developer productivity.”

The StackMob platform provides a user-friendly environment with all of the necessary tools and plug-ins that allow developers to focus on customizing and deploying their mobile app, and getting it in the hands of Facebook members quickly.

“The need for integrations with today’s most popular social media channels is a must when building and bringing a mobile app to market,” says Ty Amell, CEO and Co-Founder of StackMob. “With the explosive growth of Facebook, it’s critical that developers include Facebook features in their mobile apps. StackMob is empowering developers with the tools they need to create industry-leading apps that meet consumer social media demands.”