Facebook Growth Finally Beginning to Lag

Social media giant Facebook is still a veritable runaway train when it comes to the growth of the popular network.

But signs are beginning to emerge that the growth may be slowing slightly.

According to the latest data presented by Inside Facebook, despite the fact that the site’s membership is rapidly approaching 700 million, Facebook’s growth (as measured by new users) was only 11.8 million in May. It was 13.9 million in April.

The average month in 2010 saw 20 million new users.

Perhaps most unsettling, however, is that Facebook lost approximately 6 million users in the United States during May and another 1.5 million users in Canada.

Of course, no one is about to predict that Facebook is on its way to becoming the next MySpace. Despite the white hot growth of Facebook cooling to just red hot, Facebook remains the holy grail of social networking for users and advertisers alike.

And given Facebook’s surging international popularity, the network is poised to enjoy an ever-increasing cosmopolitan flavor. Inside Facebook reports that 1 million Facebook users came aboard last month in places like Mexico, India, Brazil, Indonesia and the Philippines.