Facebook Gets to ‘Work’

Facebook Gets to 'Work'Several months ago, rumors first surfaced that Facebook was hard at work on a mysterious new product that was directed at enterprise users.

Yesterday, Facebook finally dished the dirt on this long-awaited app called “Facebook at Work.”

“Work” is designed to let businesses create internal social networks for their employees. But Facebook says these company-unique social networks will still look, feel, and function the way Facebook does in many regards.

“Employers can create separate log-ins for employees to use with their Work accounts, or users can link these up with their other profiles to access everything in one place,” TechCrunch reports.

Taking a page from the likes of Yammer, Slack, Convo, and other players in the emerging world of “enterprise social networks,” Facebook is gently testing the waters, calling this initial foray a beta period for “Work.”

“It’s the Facebook everyone knows and loves but adapted to work,” Lars Rasmussen, the director of engineering for Facebook at Work, is quoted by the NY Times.

For now, Facebook says it has no plans to monetize Facebook at Work. It’s simply being touted as a great way to bring that which businesses know and love about Facebook into their own companies in a more productive and company-suited way.