Facebook Confirms February 29th New Ad Product Launch

It’s been rumored for months that major changes are planned for Facebook’s ad products. On February 29th, we’ll get our first look at the first wave of these anticipated changes.

Direct Marketing News confirmed Facebook’s plans to introduce the new ad products next week.

The upgraded Premium Ads will allow brands to originate their Facebook ads from the company page, enabling a larger-format and more prominent placement of “likes” and comments.

Facebook believes the revamped platform will dramatically increase user engagement and brand loyalty.

“All of our premium ad units that point onsite will be associated with a page post on Facebook,” a Facebook spokesperson said Wednesday. “Advertisers will also continue to be able to point ads offsite. This means that we no longer have ‘engagement ads’ but since premium ads offer the same functionality that stems from a page there is no change in features. Marketplace ads purchased through the self-service tool are not affected by this change.”

According to today’s report, Facebook will unveil six different Upgraded Premium ad types. They include photo, video, event, link, question or status. The Classic Premium ads will be retired upon the introduction of the new upgraded premium ad model.