Facebook Confirms Acquisition of Talent Behind Pieceable Software

Facebook may be having a rough go of it on Wall Street so far, but the social media giant has acquired some new talent in its quest to grow and thrive in today’s competitive digital world.

The creative team behind Pieceable Software – the makers of a platform that lets publishers demonstrate native iOS apps inside of a web browser – have been gobbled up by Facebook.

Financial terms of the deal weren’t made public as of Tuesday afternoon.

“We created Pieceable Viewer in early 2011 to provide an easy, low-friction way to demonstrate native iOS apps within a web browser,” writes the company’s founders on the Pieceable Software website. “Since our launch, we’ve served over 800,000 app demos. It’s been an incredibly rewarding experience to become part of the daily workflow for so many companies. To our customers: thank you!”

The Pieceable service will be “winding down” at the close of this year so that the team “can focus on the new challenges and opportunities at Facebook.”

Facebook is not acquiring the company, technology, or customer data. We know many of you have come to rely on the Pieceable service, and we want to make sure that you can continue to do so even after we shut down our hosted service on December 31, 2012. In a few months, we’ll be releasing an open source version of Pieceable Viewer that you’ll be able to run on your own Mac hardware – we’ll have more details on that soon.

“We can’t wait to begin working with the Facebook team to help our friends, family, and more than 900 million others connect and share in new ways,” the message concludes.