Facebook Announces Hire of Former Washington Insider and White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart

President Bill Clinton’s former White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart is the latest addition to Facebook.

No, he didn’t create a profile. He actually landed a cushy job with the social networking giant.

Facebook announced Tuesday that Lockhart will serve as Facebook’s new “vice president of communications.”

Most recently, Lockhart worked for the communications firm he co-founded, the Glover Park Group, a leading media specialist in the realm of politics.

Prior to working for the White House and in various political capacities, Lockhart was a TV reporter for the likes of CNN and ABC.

“Joe’s arrival brings new skills and greater depth to our incredibly busy team,” says Elliot Schrage, Facebook’s vice president of global communications, marketing and public policy. “His experience building and running a press office at the White House gives him particular appreciation for the demands of a global 24-hour news cycle and the challenges of responding effectively to intense scrutiny.”

Lockhart is a savvy media player, skills he honed serving as President Clinton’s press secretary during the 1998 impeachment hearings.

Facebook itself is likely preparing to endure no shortage of government interactions in the future as well, particularly since the social networking juggernaut seems destined to go public with an IPO at some point in the very near future.