EyeTV App Gets Nod from Apple

It’s one development after the next for streaming video content on the iPhone this week.

Following the announcement of Akamai’s new video streaming platform, Elgato also rolled out their very own streaming video app dubbed EyeTv.

Apple just approved the application ($4.99), which essentially serves as a mobile extension of the desktop software. EyeTV allows users to watch their favorite TV shows live on the iPhone or iPod Touch over a wi-fi network.

Although watching live TV requires some supporting hardware and software, EyeTV effectively enables users to:

  • Watch live TV and change channels anywhere a Wi-Fi connection is available
  • View EyeTV recordings
  • Scan the Program Guide
  • Initiate or playback recordings on your Mac
  • Remotely view and edit your recording schedules

The new app is likely a welcome gem of news for mobile marketers who have struggled with few opportunities to dabble with live video streaming functionality for the iPhone. With apps like EyeTv guaranteeing that more eyes will be glued to mobile devices for longer sessions, the potential for more advertising opportunities (both stealthy or overtly) could ultimately prove substantial as video streaming technologies and their mobile apps are developed further.