All Eyes and EarSkinz on Augmented Reality as Augmently, Inc. Creates New Sharable AR Packaging

According to media release issued this week, EarSkinz is developing new augmented reality packaging that allows users to download an app offering shareable AR.

As an innovative organization that revolutionized comfort, fit, and sound for Apple EarPods and AirPods, it’s the latest offering from a company that — after its brilliant idea was supported by a Kickstarter campaign that garnered widespread encouragement — created the patented EarSkinz silicone earbud covers that solved the problem of loose-fitting buds that long bedeviled Apple iPhone users.

MMW can confirm that EarSkinz worked with Los Angeles-based Augmently, Inc., The Augmented Realism Agency™, on the specialty offering that will be unveiled and accompany the latest edition of EarSkinz earbud covers in early 2018. Augmently is known for its groundbreaking, custom designed AR campaigns.

EarSkinz purchasers will be allowed to download and share the fun and interactive new app, which invites users to create real-time video to share via text, email, and social media.

To preview the AR offering in question, check out this exclusive video shared below.

Early demos of the offering have generated substantial buzz, attracting many interested licensors across the worlds of television, sports, toys and more, seeking to widen their respective brand’s reach through the channel that EarSkinz looks to build.

“EarSkinz is an amazing company with a phenomenal product that works very well,” says Augmently CEO and Founder Ziggy Kormandel. “We wanted to create a campaign for them that would not only be fun and cool, but promote sharing and continue the conversation about the product. Not many people I know would ever go online to purchase a set of covers for their EarPods, and then immediately start commenting or sharing on social media. Why would they? But if that product or package came to life, placing a life size soccer goal and goalie in their room for them to play a virtual penalty kick game, they would probably share a video of the experience. Not just because it is a new fun experience, but because there is a freakin’ life-size goal and goalie in their room!”

EarSkinz covers, composed of a thin, soft plastic and offered in a wide variety of colors, have the ability to conform to the human ear. Billed as “a tiny blanket for your earbud,” the covers have ergonomic benefits since they are soft, malleable, and — unlike so many earbuds — “grippy” enough to stay in place, even during physical activities and workouts.

In addition to comfort, EarSkinz covers offer better sound since they stay snug and help direct sound down the ear canal, enhancing acoustic clarity, drowning out ambient noise, and delivering better bass. As a result, music can be enjoyed at lower volumes without sacrificing quality.

EarSkinz covers are compatible with a variety of iPhones, including models X, 8, 7, 6S, 6, 5C, 5SE, 5S, and 5.

According to EarSkinz Founder & CEO Jon Kurtz: “Apple’s earbuds are notorious for falling out and hurting.  Out of frustration, I created a cover originally intended for my own use, only to quickly realize that so many others could also benefit from having a pair of EarSkinz of their own.  EarSkinz come in a variety of colors and ship to consumers all around the world.  EarSkinz are a perfect compliment to every iPhone, EarPods and/or AirPods. I use our covers every day and know you will too. The new AR app is icing on the cake.”

Actor Omar Epps – EarSkinz Creative Director — is thrilled with the new packaging and the AR option.

“The content is engaging and the packaging is perfect,” notes Epps. “Augmented Reality is a perfect fit. We’re extremely pleased we collaborated with Augmently to use emerging technology to enhance our marketing for EarSkinz. It’s a win-win for everyone, but most importantly, for customers.”

The EarSkinz product, available at, Amazon, and other outlets, was awarded an “Excellent” rating from Cult of Mac, kudos from CNET, and rave reviews from Apple iPhone users. Cult of Mac’s Rob LeFevre reviewed the EarSkinz, which he said have become for him an “essential accessory” for his EarPods.