Expos and Smartphones: A Natural Fit in Sin City

Expos and Smartphones A Natural Fit in Sin CityProbably 99.99 percent of attendees at a convention or trade show will be carrying a Wi-Fi enabled smartphone.

That’s clearly understood by execs at the Las Vegas Convention Center, according to a report from our sister site mGamingWatch. A sign from Cox Business, the Internet provider for the center, recently mounted signs in anticipation of anonymously tracking the location of attendees through the facility’s Wi-Fi.

That data could be used to create real-time heat maps of attendee movements as well as a future mobile app. Currently in testing, the tracking system could be ready to roll by the time of the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

“Location tracking is an increasingly popular tool for companies that provide the Internet at public locations such as shopping malls or airports, where managers might find value in maps of how people move around,” reports the Las Vegas Sun. “Data about foot traffic might provide useful when deciding where to build a food court, plant a convention booth, or erect a cafe.”

It would also help the Las Vegas Convention Center — and other places like it — to be more competitive in meeting the needs and demands of its clients, according to Juergen Barbusca, the communications director for Cox Business in Las Vegas.

“Cox is also exploring an application that would direct attendees to the nearest restroom, connect them with clients, or find food locations,” notes the Las Vegas Sun. “Eventually, Cox sees opportunities for advertising and push notifications, should users opt in to the service.”