Exponential Rolls Out Proprietary Video Formats

Exponential Rolls Out Proprietary Video FormatsNativeMobile is reporting that Exponential Interactive, a leading global provider of digital advertising solutions, has just launched their new (and proprietary and scalable) video ad formats — VDX.

VDX was developed with the “ultimate purpose of building upon the advantages of television and video ads and enriching them with the benefits of digital advertising – namely, the abilities to target consumers who are most relevant to a brand, and for those consumers to choose to interact with the brand through an immersive video-centric experience.”

With the proliferation of digital devices, advertisers have struggled to connect with consumers at scale via video on these devices. Solving this for the first time, VDX is made available across multiple types of media – from in-page display, to mobile (tablet and phone) and in-stream – and provides the same brand experience across these devices to ensure full brand immersion and consistency.

The company has made examples of VDX formats available online. You can check them out here.

“Video is the most powerful vehicle to communicate a brand’s message,” said Doug Conely, chief strategy officer for Exponential. “However, when consumers lean forward and choose to engage with a brand’s video messaging, it is a much more positive, influential experience than the passive, lean-back experience that is typically associated with forced, non-interactive, one-way TV ads or pre-roll video.”