Exploring The Massive Mobile Marketing & Advertising Potential Of The Apple iPad

Exploring The Massive Mobile Marketing & Advertising Potential Of The Apple iPadToday’s announcement of the Apple iPad ushered in a new wave of mobile technology unlike anything we’ve seen in a long time, and with it came unrivaled potential for mobile marketers and advertisers to explore new possibilities.

When the iPhone debuted, it presented a simplistic approach to otherwise complex mobile technologies.  Browsing the Web was no longer a tedious process, transferring media was never simpler, and with the introduction of the App store, extending the utility and functionality of the device was never more simple.  With such mass-market appeal, users came in droves, and the massive ecosystem we see today was created based on that approach.

Apple has taken the same initiatives with the iPad- bringing the simplistic approach of the iPhone, combined with the processing power of larger laptop computers, to create a device that would appeal to just about anyone.  The iPad, and tablet devices in general, are an entirely new segment of mobile technology, and with it comes endless opportunities for brands to engage users in brand new ways.

The iPhone opened new possibilities in the areas of mobile advertising, branded mobile apps, in-app advertising and content distribution in general.  Adding iTunes-based payments to the mix created the vibrant ecosystem we see today, and that success will parlay into the iPad as well- with a larger screen to engage users further.

The large screen provided by the tablet allows for the display of much richer media, hi-res videos and other content that’s always been cumbersome for users on smaller screens- this aspect is one of few hurdles mobile marketers and advertisers needed to overcome to make their content standout and bring the best of both worlds; the relevancy and location aspects of mobile devices, with the large-screen vibrancy of desktop and notebook computers.

“This could give brands the ability to reach who they want, where they want, when they want with rich and compelling media and branded apps,” said Michael Chang, CEO of Greystripe, San Francisco, CA. “The bigger the canvas the better for users viewing many types of media – think movies – and for creative agencies who often feel restricted by the confines of a banner.”

Video will be a huge asset to marketers on the iPad- the iPhone opened up the possibility of truly “watchable” video on mobile devices, and the iTunes store made access easier than ever.  With the iPad, that concept is taken to yet another level, and marketers will put it to good use.  “Imagine watching a traditional television show in which the commercial shown was targeted toward people like you for a shop down the street,” continued Chang.  “A single touch of the screen could pull up store hours, coupons and the phone number.”