Exploring The Concept Of “Notescasting” For iPods

Finding new avenues in which to utilize mobile marketing isn’t an easy task, but a company called TimeStream Software has done just that with a new concept known as “Notescasting.”

In its own words, TimeStream explains Notescasting as “a powerful organized collection of interactive copy embedded with links to related photos, video, audio and additional interactive text, all of which installs to your iPod’s ‘Notes’ feature.”  Basically, it’s like a mini brochure that’s downloaded directly to an iPod that includes support for endless pages, links and anything else a traditional Website supports.

The key aspect of Notescasting is that it opens the door to nearly 120 million iPod Classics and Nanos in use today that were previously unreachable by advertisers.  iPhones and iPod Touches are already well-utilized marketing mediums, but iPod Classics and Nanos are a virtually untapped resource for marketers.  Combined, Notescasting can be utilized on well over 150 million mobile devices in use around the world.

With Notescasting, companies can promote their products and services with up to 1,000 pages of in-depth content, all linked to related photos and video, which their customers can now review in the palm of their hand wherever they go and whenever they want- even if there is no Internet access or cell-phone signal.  With its hierarchical folder and file structure, Notescast content is organized and displayed so that users can “surf” any Notescast title to quickly find the information they need, as well as supporting information in additional photos, video, audio, etc.

It’s an interesting concept that could have potential- according to TimeStream, the concept has already been embraced by the likes of Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Hilton Hotels, DoubleTree, Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, and other big-name brands, but we’ll have to keep this one on the radar and see how it all pans out.