Expert Says Mobile Will Be Vital to Email, Content Marketing in 2014

Expert Says Mobile Will Be Vital to Email, Content Marketing in 2014As 2013 enters the home stretch, savvy marketing professionals are planning ahead for the new year and trying to determine the tools and tactics most conducive to mobile marketing success in 2014.

Recently, MMW caught up with Brennan Carlson, SVP of Product & Strategy at Lyris, who revealed that the new year will set the stage for a number of prominent trends in marketing, and mobile is central to each.

“More email is read on mobile devices than desktops and there’s no signs of it slowing down,” Carlson says. “By 2017 it’s predicted that 78 percent of US email users will access email via mobile. To successfully reach the always connected customer, marketers will master mobile optimization in 2014.”
Content marketing, the executive says, is another key trend to watch.

“Content will be treated as media in 2014,” Carlson explains. “Responsive digital communications will function on multiple platforms as marketers view content as the context, rather than the device as the context.”

Lastly, the veteran strategist at Lyris says that 2013 marked the advent of an email marketing renaissance with consumers choosing email as their preferred channel for brand interaction. “In 2014,” he adds, “marketers will adjust their budget and resources accordingly.”