Experian, Neustar Offering ‘Best-in-Class Omnichannel Onboarding’ with omnichannel Activation

EXPERIANOn Thursday, Experian Marketing Services confirmed to MMW that it is teaming with Neustar — provider of real-time information services — to give marketers advanced data onboarding solutions that can be used to enhance addressable coverage and expanded activation options across direct match partners in addressable media channels, including mobile, display, email and TV.

Using Neustar’s Omnichannel Onboarding, an industry-leading data onboarding solution, advertisers and marketers have the ability to move beyond simple onboarding of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) audiences to also onboard audience segments derived from transactions, such as point-of-sale data, credit card purchases and more.

Neustar’s Omnichannel Onboarding is verified with its authoritative identity platform, which is responsible for collecting, corroborating, and validating consumer and business identities for marketing purposes.

Neustar’s Omnichannel Onboarding now will benefit from integrating with Experian Marketing Services’ new digital data cooperative, as well as Experian’s data quality, matching logic and partnerships across the world’s largest media companies.

“Marketers know that they need to be data-driven. They also know that it’s time to move beyond simple CRM customer file matching. They want to use more meaningful data, like customer transactions. They want to use all the tools in their toolbox — especially omnichannel tools,” said Ted Prince, senior vice president of corporate development at Neustar. “Together with Experian Marketing Services, we are offering an end-to-end omnichannel solution from onboarding to activation that will give advertisers the best ability to utilize their data to deliver the best connected customer experiences to real audiences across multiple channels and devices. We’re excited to see what clients can do with the power of our partnership.”