Experian Launches New Audience Management Platform

experian_280.pngExperian has just unveiled a new audience-management platform that will ostensibly “change the way the advertising industry buys and measures media.”

According to a statement provided to MMW, Experian Marketing Services says that the offering in question — called The Audience Engine platform — deterministically links and matches data across the marketing ecosystem in a unified, automated platform for targeting, execution and measurement of addressable advertising campaigns.

Experian tells us that they developed the platform to automate the process of finding an advertiser’s audiences where they are today — at scale, across channels, networks and online and offline platforms.

How does it work?

It provides users with a single, agnostic platform to create, understand and activate their addressable advertising campaigns leveraging a combination of first-, second- and third-party data sources. For TV advertisers, this includes linear, addressable and over-the-top audiences, such as connected TV.

“We built Audience Engine with an open ecosystem in mind. As a result, we’ve been very successful in securing major accounts that have contributed to the impressive scale of our platform,” said Kevin Dean, president and general manager of targeting at Experian Marketing Services. “Our audience management platform allows media companies to monetize their data by making it accessible to the industry in a privacy-compliant, agnostic environment. Meanwhile, the media companies remain in control of their data and how that data is used for marketing.”