Experian Debuts Mobile Consulting Services

Experian Debuts Mobile Consulting ServicesAccording to the latest industry research, mobile banking will grow 300 percent by 2016.

To capitalize on this mammoth opportunity, Experian is launching a mobile consulting practice.

The goal of this latest venture, the global information services company tells MMW, is to help organizations acquire, grow and protect customers in this dynamic mobile space.

Experian’s Global Consulting Practice in North America now has the unique expertise necessary to provide analysis, powerful insight and valuable recommendations to help organizations navigate the evolving mobile landscape.

“The mobile space has become a complex challenge for many of our clients,” insists Shannon Lois, vice president of consulting at Experian’s Global Consulting Practice. “With this in mind, we have established consulting services that will help our clients understand the opportunities to expand their mobile strategies and solutions to meet tomorrow’s customer requirements.”

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