Exclusive: Placecast Rolls Out Mobile Data Management Platform as Stand-Alone Solution

Exclusive Placecast Rolls Out Mobile Data Management Platform as Stand-Alone SolutionThe team at Placecast shared exclusively with MMW today news of its latest initiative.

The company has just made available its mobile Data Management Platform (DMP) as a stand-alone solution.

“Mobile operators like Rogers in Canada, O2 Telefonica and 3 in Europe, and AT&T in the U.S. have already taken advantage of Placecast’s DMP capabilities to manage their large first-party data assets and unique scalability requirements around location-enabled mobile data,” the company said in a statement to MMW. “Now, Placecast is expanding its mobile DMP offering to other cloud-marketing and ad-tech companies.”

Delivering accurate, audience-targeted advertising to mobile users is a real challenge in the industry today, since existing DMPs and Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) are currently best designed to leverage data from the online world. If an enterprise wants to optimize its advertising in the mobile world, it must integrate with many different data sources and vendors. The key to unlocking the value of mobile audiences is in user location data, but this can be hard to obtain and understand at scale. Placecast’s enterprise-grade, white-label DMP solution not only converts large mobile data sets into targeted audience profiles, but also helps brands and advertisers run highly accurate and effective display advertising and marketing campaigns.

Alistair Goodman, CEO of Placecast, tells us that his company’s mobile DMP “has been built and battle-tested by some of the largest enterprises in the world – companies with very large user bases and uniquely high standards for data privacy, reliability and scalability.”

“Our clients have seen great success with their location-based mobile ad campaigns, and we’re excited to grow our platform into an even more robust DMP and DSP offering for our media and ad-tech customers,” he adds.

To learn more, check out Placecast’s official website here.