EXCLUSIVE: MoEngage Milestone — Profiling One-Fifth of Smartphone India Users, Launching U.S. Operations

EXCLUSIVE  MoEngage Milestone -- Profiling One-Fifth of Smartphone India Users, Launching U.S. OperationsUser analytics and engagement company MoEngage just logged a new milestone: it’s currently profiling one fifth of smartphone users in India across their customers and delivering half a billion personalized interactions monthly via push notifications, in-app recommendations, and other channels.

The growth has given the firm wanderlust — because now it plans to launch its User Analytics and Engagement platform in the U.S. market.

“MoEngage enables mobile app companies to deliver individual-level personalized interactions via push notifications, in-app recommendations, email, and other retargeting channels to help drive engagement and customer lifetime value,” said the company in a release to MAW. “The company provides advanced segmentation capabilities by tracking every app user and their behavior from the Acquisition Source till the Uninstall allowing for an over 80 percent growth in their customers orders/active users and 87 percent increase in users who made repeat orders in a month.”

According to the company, users are sent targeted offers based on their browsing behavior rather than a blast campaign. That strategy, it says, has resulted in doubled engagement — about a 40 percent increase in transactions.

MoEngage provides real-time user intelligence with the most advanced segmentation capabilities in the Industry.

“App Marketers can run advanced segmentation queries over their customer profiles in real-time and understand which customers to engage, resulting in 72 percent increase in users referring and 75 percent increase in referral based sign-ups for MoEngage customer Snapdeal,” asserts MoEngage.

The twist?

“MoEngage is shifting the personalization in mobile app marketing from just segmenting into individual-level personalization,” say company execs.