ExactTarget Launches new Mobile Marketing Solution, Integrating Email, SMS, Social and Web

ExactTarget, the Email Service Provider turned “interactive  marketing” provider today announced the debut of its brand new mobile solution at the the MMA Forum in New York.

Dubbed “MobileConnect,” the new self-serve solution allows marketers to easily create, manage, measure and integrate SMS with email, social media and Web advertising.  The new solution works as a standalone application, or integrated with the company’s broader “Interactive Marketing Hub.”  The new solution aims to bring together everything a marketer would need to message their audience across all relevant digital channels, including things like message templates, cross-channel reporting, enterprise management of short/long codes and keywords, as well as cross-channel integration with campaigns across email, social media and the Web.

“With the launch of MobileConnect, ExactTarget is democratizing mobile marketing, providing a new approach that makes mobile more accessible and easier to use than ever before,” said Scott Dorsey, ExactTarget co-founder and chief executive officer. “Our revolutionary approach to mobile enables marketers across all segments of the market to easily create and integrate SMS into interactive campaigns across email, social media and the Web – all through an intuitive user interface that serves both beginners and highly technical marketers.”

The debut comes on the heels of several recent releases by ExactTarget, including:

  • SocialEngage – Which provides next generation social media management functionality for Twitter and Facebook with expanded capabilities including outbound editorial workflow, RSS integration, exporting conversations, SSL security and cross-channel integration.
  • SocialPages  Which provides Facebook page publishing and analytics with integrated real-time engagement features, such as polling and email acquisition.
  • Audience Builder – Which provides a powerful solution to consolidate, analyze and take action on customer data in real time through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to create targeted audiences for campaigns across email, mobile, social media and the Web.
  • Automation Studio – Which provides drag and drop automation to plan and power messages across email, mobile, social or Web campaigns based on consumer behavior, time or custom attributes.

With MobileConnect, the company is quickly rounding out its offering to become a true cross-channel, interactive marketing platform that integrates nearly all digital channels.  Bolstering it’s SMS marketing solution was an inevitable improvement the company had to make.  In a survey of nearly 1,500 consumers, the company found that a quarter of consumers prefer text messaging over all other channels for real-time channel alerts.

In other news, the company also announced that its CMO, Tim Kopp, was elected to the MMA North America Board of Directors.  More information on ExactTarget’s mobile solutions can be found here.