Everything is Great for Android… Except Revenue

Android is growing by leaps and bounds… but its revenue is a different story.

According to coverage provided Friday from Reuters, Google’s Android mobile platform resulted in a net loss for the company in every quarter of 2010.

Google, which doesn’t publicly report financial information about Android, had some of the beans spilled yesterday in court as litigation lingered on between Oracle and Google regarding smartphone technology.

U.S. District Judge William Alsup had reportedly sealed an internal 2011 Google document revealing profit and loss numbers for Android in 2010. But, as Reuters confirmed, the judge shared critical portions of this information in court this week.

And it’s turning out to be somewhat embarrassing for Google and its otherwise thriving mobile operating system.

Alsup, of course, didn’t reveal specific profit and loss data for Android, but he confirmed the four quarterly losses during 2010.

“That adds up to a big loss for the whole year,” Alsup told the court.