Everything is Bigger in Texas, Including Mobile Marketing

For those unaware that May 10-18 is Texas Tourism Week, this brief festivity coincides with National Tourism Week in which cities, states and travel-related businesses celebrate the value and economic impact of tourism.

On Saturday, The First Lady of Texas, Anita Perry, kicked off festivities by unveiling a new marketing initiative called Texas on Tour, “a 53-foot mobile marketing experience that will travel throughout the United States.” And for those who can’t personally catch a glimpse of the Texan tower on parade, registered mobile phone users can get exclusive content on their phones as well as updates about places to see in the Lone Star State.

“From the lush forests to the sandy beaches and the rolling hills to the scenic mountains, the Texas landscape is as diverse as our tourist attractions,” said Mrs. Perry. “Texas on Tour will reach millions of Americans and showcase the many exciting destinations Texas has to offer.”

What’s truly interesting about this endeavor is the signal sent to the international tourism community. Mobile marketing is making headway not only to promote products but also places.