Europe’s Mobile App Economy is a Power House

According to the latest data and insight from Apigee, the mobile app economy is on fire across Europe.

Based on new industry-wide projections, there will be one trillion devices connected to the Internet by 2013 – all using apps. And Europe will play home to billions of them.

To accommodate the increasing demand from the UK and Europe, Apigee announced Tuesday that the company is opening a London headquarters.

“That way,” the organization confirms, “Apigee can help their UK and European customers like Shell, the Financial Times Group, Pearson, Shazam, Telefónica, Thomson Reuters, and Vodafone, and can bring the European App Economy to the next level.”

As an API provider, Apigee will be in its element amidst the rampant projected growth.

Today, businesses in a wide range of industries in every country in Western Europe rely on Apigee to deliver, manage and measure their API programs.

“APIs are the foundation of the app economy and can provide a powerful way for a business to quickly expand and reach new customers who use mobile devices,” says Chet Kapoor, Apigee CEO. “Europe is our fastest-growing market and we’re seeing strong interest across all industries – from leading-edge technology companies to traditional brick-and-mortar businesses. We look forward to meeting this demand in Europe through our London office.”