Europe’s Cambridge Marketing College Now Awarding Diplomas in Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing has officially become a major player in the world of higher education.

With the mobile channel now inextricably fused with conventional marketing and advertising principles, the education of mobile marketing, its best practices, and effective strategies for deployment are now integral for a contemporary education in marketing.

At least that’s what Cambridge Marketing College believes. As you can imagine, the school is thrilled with recent news that the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) has introduced the formal qualifications to receive a diploma in mobile marketing.

Available from September, the diploma is one of five new diplomas which cover the gamut of what is now called digital marketing – using the Internet as a marketing technique. The other new qualifications cover web analytics, digital media and campaign planning.

According to Business Weekly, Cambridge Marketing College is among the first institutions of higher learning to offer the diploma.

CMC is the largest professional marketing college in Europe.

“As mobile marketing becomes a bigger part of our daily lives, we want to make sure that the highest standards are adopted,” says College founder Charles Nixon. “As well as learning about mobile marketing, our students actually use iPhones, iPads and the like to access the content of our courses.”

Students are expected to study digital marketing as a way to achieve CIM Chartered Status, the report notes.