Europeans Show Growing Interest in Mobile Social Networks

ComScore has released figures suggesting there may be “opportunities for mobile marketing executives when it comes to social networks.”

The study found that usage of mobile social networking in the UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain soared by 152% between November 2007 and 2008.

In other words, just over 12 million people in these countries used their phones to access social media sites in November 2008.

Overall, 9.2% of UK mobile users accessed social networks during the month, making it the region with the highest mobile social media penetration compared with the other countries surveyed.

The majority of those who use social networks on the phones rather than browsing any other web content are female.

“This development is encouraging for the future of the mobile internet,” Alistair Hill, analyst at comScore M:Metrics, explained. “Social networking is taking the mobile internet out of the early adopter demographic and into the mainstream.”

Approximately two-thirds of marketers and agencies believe spending on mobile marketing will increase by 2010, according to the Internet Advertising Bureau.