European Telecom Chief Leaks iPhone 5 Release Date?

In what potentially comes as the most compelling information released to date surrounding the forthcoming launch of the iPhone 5, Stéphane Richard (CEO and Chairman of France Telecom-Orange) has “accidentally” revealed that the 5th generation iPhone will be released on October 15 in France and throughout much of the European continent.

This revelation sparked an almost universal consensus among industry experts (at least those who weighed in on the matter) that the iPhone 5 will first reach U.S. consumers on or around October 7th. Given that Apple products are commonly released in the United States one week prior to their European debut, many are now banking on October 7th for the domestic launch of this much-hyped and long-awaited device.

“If I believe what we were told, the iPhone 5 will be released on October 15,” is precisely what Richard told BFM Business. It’s the quote that sparked the media storm of reports about Apple’s supposed release plans. Even though Apple is, naturally, silent on the speculation, it has been rumored for weeks that early-to-mid October would all but certainly bring with it the iPhone 5’s release.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Orange chief, Richard has a history of dishing on iPhone information before he probably should. Nonetheless, while he isn’t saying anything about the origins of his knowledge, many are taking his word as the most credible validation yet that the iPhone 5 will arrive within the long-expected October time-frame.