EU Wants More Antitrust Concessions from Google

EU Wants More Antitrust Concessions from GoogleThe European Union is not pleased with Google as the Internet search giant is once again coming up short on the antitrust concessions the EU is demanding.

The executive arm of the European Union maintains that Google must do more to satisfy an ongoing antitrust case that the company is facing.

In April, Google first submitted its proposed concessions to the European Commission with the possibility of placing search results from competing search engines alongside its own results.
But that doesn’t go far enough, apparently.

At a recent press conference, Joaquin Almunia from the European Competition Commission said that Google needs to put forward better proposals if it sincerely seeks to reach a desired deal with the commission.

“I concluded that the proposals that Google sent us are not enough to overcome our concerns,” Almunia says.

The ball is now in Google’s court and it remains altogether unclear at this point as to whether or not Google will revise its current proposal.