EU Reportedly Involved in FTC Probe of Apple

EU Reportedly Involved in FTC Probe of AppleJust when you thought Apple would fade from the headlines in terms of the tech-giant’s decision to shun Adobe Flash on its iOS product line, think again.

The New York Post reports today that European Union regulators have joined the US Federal Trade Commission in the ongoing investigation into whether “Apple’s business practices harm competition.

European regulators have teamed with the Federal Trade Commission in probing Apple’s policies for mobile software developers, The Post has learned.

According to The New York Post, the investigation could last another four to six months. And while it isn’t yet clear what will result from the probe, the EU recently gave some indication of how it feels about the sharing of technologies.

The EU, after all, just adopted “a new Digital Agenda” which is designed to “encourage the interoperability of technology.”

That sounds an awful lot like what Adobe has similarly argued for.