EU Regulators Closely Watching Apple

European Union regulators are said to be closely monitoring Apple’s iDevice distribution activities across the European continent, a new report from Reuters asserts.

EU antitrust regulators are exploring whether or not Apple is responsible for any possible anti-competitive efforts related to the distribution iPhones and iPads.

For the time being, it isn’t clear what Apple is specifically being accused of doing.

Sources close to the matter say European regulators have received a host of “informal complaints” from more than a few telecoms operators.

The complaints to the European Commission underscore the broader battle between the telecoms industry and content providers, such as Apple and Google, which provide new digital services that run over telecoms systems.

“There have been no formal complaints, though,” commission spokesman Antoine Colombani told a regular Commission briefing said Friday. “Generally, we are actively monitoring developments in this market. We will, of course, intervene if there are indications of anti-competitive behavior to the detriment of consumers.”