Estimates Peg Digital Mobile Television to Reach Two-Thirds of US Homes by 2012

Mobile Digital Television is expanding at an exponential rate and will likely reach two-thirds of U.S. households by early 2012.

According to the Open Mobile Video Coalition of America’s (OMVC) broadcasters, myriad TV broadcast stations are presently working overtime to install new transmission equipment that will allow live, local TV signals to reach viewers wherever they go in a local market.

The estimates come from a new survey of member plans spearheaded by the OMVC, which says that 96 stations are already on-the-air with Mobile DTV.

That number is on pace to reach 126 (in 48 markets) by the end of this year.

“Our stations throughout the country are now deploying the equipment needed to bring Dyle mobile TV to millions of viewers,” said Erik Moreno and Salil Dalvi, co-GM’s of MCV. “We’re very excited about the rollout of the Dyle service to consumers,” they added.

“OMVC members are making the investments needed to make Mobile DTV available to millions of viewers,” said Colleen Brown, CEO of Fisher Communications and chair of the Mobile 500 Alliance. The Mobile500 Alliance represents more than 400 local TV broadcasters who are planning to add Mobile DTV capability to their digital broadcasts. “Mobile DTV channels now being transmitted are providing viewers with the latest news, emergency weather information, traffic updates, and their favorite programs,” Brown concluded.