ESPN Rolls Out Mobile Gameplan

On September 7th, ESPN will celebrate thirty years of existence.

But instead of perpetuating yesterday’s gameplan, the folks at ESPN are preparing for the future.

And for ESPN, mobile marketing will factor heavily into the years ahead.

Helping viewers embrace a more interactive, multi-platform fan experience is the big-picture goal. So what does that mean for sports fans? For starters, ESPN plans to aggressively target the iPhone market – a process already begun with its ScoreCenter app, which has now topped 2 million downloads.

The business model and marketing strategy employed by ESPN certainly bodes well for future advertising in the mobile sphere as well, given that ESPN’s mobile Web traffic now exceeds its PC traffic

Also on tap for mobile content from ESPN are:

  • Hundreds of live events per year
  • Seventy-five mobile video clips per day
  • Complete episodes of many network broadcasts

“We’ve adopted a ‘best-screen-available’ approach–we’re trying to put our best product everywhere, wherever the sports fan is best served,” said ESPN president George Bodenheimer.