ESPN Goes Local In Mobile

2010 is shaping up to be the year of local in all things mobile.

It’s a reality that neatly falls in line with forecasts from research firm Borrel, which state that location-based mobile spending will hit $4 billion in 2015.

Helping mobile marketers find new outlets in local markets, the big boys in mobile content are not only getting wind of the importance of all things local in mobile, they are jumping head first into these thriving territories.

Case in point: ESPN. The iconic sports brand is launch five local-based sports news and info iPhone and iPod touch applications. The markets targeted include Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Dallas, and Boston. According to ESPN, the free, ad-supported local apps will deliver timely, pertinent content related to everything from regional sports news to local writers and sports columnists.

Tossed into the mix, of course, will be an assortment of bells and whistles, including the obligatory national headlines, real-time scoreboards, and all the schedules worth caring about.

ESPN, however, is not blindly delving into local markets. Ahead of the new launch of localized applications, ESPN’s websites in the aforementioned targeted cities already attract upwards of three and one-half million visitors per month.