Epom Now Enables Monetizing Non-Mobile Optimized Sites

On Monday, Epom – a global ad serving and ad management solutions provider – issued a press release about its new Epom UniMobile service. If you’re not familiar, the service lets users monetize non-mobile optimized sites.

In a nutshell, Epom UniMobile technology enables the ability to run mobile ad campaigns on display sites and profit from a mobile audience.

One of the unique features that distinguish our service from others is its simplicity of integration and management. Every time the desktop web site gets mobile hits, visitors will see mobile ads. It only takes a few minutes to place the code at the bottom of the desktop web site and start to run ads.

According to details contained in this morning’s announcement, Epom Market accepts web sites that are non-optimized for mobile but have a “good share” of mobile traffic.

Best of all, we’re told the code doesn’t influence the websites performance and doesn’t increase the page load time.

“As magazine and news publishers put more emphasis on mobile, the tools and platforms designed to draw more advertising dollars into the medium are increasing as well,” says company CEO Anton Ruin. “However, major advertising networks aren’t eager to accept sites which are non-optimized for mobile. We are launching technologies that will be helpful in mobilizing these sites, which in turn will help them become monetizing sites. Epom is pushing forward in becoming a leader in providing these services for them.”

To learn more about what Epom is up to, click here.