Employees Are Still Not Protecting Their Mobile Devices

Employees Are Still Not Protecting Their Mobile DevicesCentrify Corporation has just published the results of an industry study conducted by Osterman Research which revealed that 15 percent of enterprise employee survey respondents believe they have “none to minimal” responsibility to protect corporate data stored on their personal devices.

It’s a particularly alarming find given the risk this reality presents to organizations.

The study also claims that 10 percent of respondents still do not have a password, PIN or other security measure enabled on the mobile device they use for work purposes, potentially exposing organizations to grave security dangers.

Only 44 percent of respondents are hyper-aware of their mobile security, thinking about their responsibility to protect the corporate information on their personal device on a daily basis. Nearly 10 percent of respondents think about their responsibility only a few times a year, identifying a real need for secure solutions that keep personal and corporate devices safe.

“The results show that even employees of large multinational corporations, who are consistently warned of the dangers to their data directly from their IT department, are not keeping security top of mind,” said Michael Osterman of Osterman Research. “It is clear organizations need to continue to educate employees on the dangers and risks of mobile security but also look to solutions that safeguard the devices and applications which these employees have access to.”