Emojis in Mobile Marketing, T-Shirt Industry Exploding

emojiOne of the most eye-catching pop culture-centered T-Shirts on Amazon today? A shirt that simply reads: “I have entire conversations in emojis.”

Today, some of the top-selling T-Shirts on Amazon, TeeSpring, CafePress and others are emoji-focused.

Apparently, marketers are running hugely popular campaigns using little more than emojis too.

According to new insights from AppBoy, emojis are red-hot marketing tools this year. But, as the experts note, they won’t do the job alone.

“Brands shouldn’t be looking at emojis as the singular driver of a consumer’s action — open rates, engagement rates, etc.,” says Marissa Aydlett, VP of marketing at Appboy, in an interview with Venture Beat. “There are many other factors that contribute to the success of a message: tone, goal of campaign, message content, images, what the landing page or deep-linked mobile experience is like when the user arrives there. Everything needs to connect.”

As for best practices?

“Emojis should be relatable,” Aydlett says. “Messages should be contextual. It’s not only about the demographic.”

Want to know more? Check out the full VB report here.