Emojis Hotter Than Ever Among Brands in Social Media Posts

emoji-1More brands worldwide are using emojis in Facebook and Twitter posts than they did a year ago, according to new data from eMarketer.

Socialbakers analyzed the top 500 brands worldwide on Facebook and Twitter from October 2014 through December 2014, and compared emoji use in posts to the same period in 2015.

In Q4 2014, 45% of the brands used emojis on Twitter, and in Q4 2015 it rose to 59%. In Q4 2014, 28% of the brands used emojis on Facebook posts, and that rose to 40% during Q4 2015.

Internet users are also fans of using emojis. Research done by AYTM Market Research in February 2015 found that 48.9% of US adult internet users used emojis on social media or in text messages, the report notes.