Emerging Markets to Lead Tablet Shipment Growth in Next Five years

The latest research from NPD Group shows that tablet shipments will escalate dramatically in the next five years.

According to the research gurus at NPD, global tablet shipments will reach 383.3 million units in 2017. Pushing the growth to new heights will be the buying appetite of tablet shoppers in emerging markets.

“The emerging market opportunity for tablets has been flying under the radar mainly because the device brands aren’t household names and there are concerns regarding the sustainability of the market,” says NPD Senior Analyst Richard Shim.

NPD finds that the emerging market tablet share of 36 percent in 2011 will be 46% within five years.

China and other Asia Pacific nations will remain huge buyers of tablets, but they won’t be outdone by the emerging markets in Brazil, India, Russia and other countries that want iPads and similar must-have tablets presently ubiquitous around the world.