eMarketer: The Importance of Hispanic Culture in Modern Marketing

eMarketer The Importance of Hispanic Culture in Modern MarketingA new eMarketer report, “English vs. Español: Language Choices in Hispanic Marketing,” explores the importance of Hispanic culture in marketing today.

Although the vast majority of U.S. Hispanics speak English, a majority also speaks some Spanish.

But, as the report reveals, “there is not necessarily a demand for marketing in either English or Spanish. Rather, surveys and studies suggest that maintaining a connection to Hispanic culture is what counts.”

Earlier this year, Horowitz Associates canvassed U.S. Hispanics’ usage of current and traditional sources of media. Their findings indicated that two-thirds believe having a tie to their Hispanics heritage was significant in their connection to and appreciation of the media content and marketing messages viewed.

“Language is always going to be critically important; more important than food or music to this consumer,” Andy Hasselwander, an executive at Latinum Network, is quoted in the eMarketer report. “[The number of] bilingual consumers will continue to grow. The emotional connection will continue to be important, even when the more functional necessity [might fade].”

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