eMarketer Projection: Mobile Ads Coming in Record Number

Mobile ads are about to become amply more plentiful than anyone could have expected so soon in the expansion of this young industry.

According to today’s latest projections from eMarketer, which were highlighted by the L.A. Times, the mobile ad market will triple this year to more than $4 billion.

That growth will be aided greatly by the juggernaut advertising sales at Facebook, Google, and Twitter, among others.

Google is expected to ring up nearly $2.2 billion in mobile ad sales this year, mostly from its search ad business. Facebook is expected to generate more than $339 million after rolling out mobile ads this year.

eMarketer believes mobile ad sales will top $7 billion next year, on pace to almost $21 billion by 2016.

Yes, those are big numbers. And even though the mobile ads business presently accounts for a scant 2% of the overall ad market, by 2016, eMarketer says that percentage will balloon to 11%.