eMarketer: Mobile Ad Spending to Climb 95% This Year

eMarketer Mobile Ad Spending to Climb 95 Percent This YearThe latest projections shared this week by eMarketer indicate that mobile ad spending will increase 95 percent in 2013.

If accurate, mobile ads will claim more than 20 percent of all digital ad spending (and 5 percent of total media ad spending) for the year.

US digital ad spending will hit $42.26 billion this year, up from $36.80 billion in 2012, to account for 24.7% of total media ad spending this year, eMarketer estimates.


eMarketer’s forecast for digital ad spending points to an anticipated 14.9% growth spike for the year, which is just short of 2012’s 15% growth rate.

“This year, eMarketer expects 51.5 percent of all spending on mobile ads to go toward search, compared to 44.8 percent for display ads, including banners, video and other formats,” eMarketer announced Monday. “Like in the digital advertising market as a whole, display formats are growing more quickly on mobile than search–but not fast enough to overtake search spending by 2017.”

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