eMarketer: Grocery Shoppers Seek More Than Coupons Using LBS Apps

eMarketer: Grocery Shoppers Seek More Than Coupons Using LBS AppsIn the world of LBS rewards and promotions, coupons and so-called “on-the-spot” discounts are deemed the number one advantage for mobile consumers.  New data out from eMarketer suggests consumers are hungry for much more, however, especially when they’re standing at their local grocery store.

A March 2010 Deloitte survey found that the top two ways food shoppers use mobile phones involve deal seeking, but the remaining three activities are purely information-driven.  Close to a quarter of food shoppers use their phones in-store to learn more about a product, whether on a brand’s website or through online reviews, signaling a thirst for mobile information in real-time from LBS apps.

In a similar study conducted by Latitude, the researcher asked respondents about specific times they wished they had more information, with matters related to health and quality taking precedence over more practical info like price and where to find an item in the aisles.  Interestingly, a majority of respondents for both studies think that country-of-origin labeling for fresh meat and produce is extremely important (51%), and frequently or always referencing nutritional facts is even more important (54%).

The underlying message from both studies indicate that consumers want information about products in real-time, supplied by the retailer themselves.  Asked how these information needs could be accommodated, Latitude’s respondents leaned heavily on mobile solutions, either citing apps or phones explicitly or desiring something portable and internet-connected in the abstract.  Supermarkets should note that the No. 1 suggestion, recommended by slightly more than half of the respondents (51%), involve them directly Shoppers expect their in-store shopping needs to be fulfilled by the grocer.