eMarketer: 2013 Mobile Ad Spending Up 80%

eMarketer 2013 Mobile Ad Spending Up 802013 is shaping up to be a banner year for mobile ad spend.

According to the newest projections published this week by eMarketer, total digital spending will balloon 13 percent this year to reach $117.6 billion. In particular, mobile spending will climb 79.7 percent (year-over-year) to $15.8 billion.

The global research firm believes the spending growth coincides with increasing consumer adoption of mobile across the flourishing digital ecosystem.

All told, Internet users make up more than 36% of the global population today. That figure was just 21.7% in 2008.
With regard to mobile phone users, more than six in ten people (60.7%) around the world are now mobile phone owners. Only 40% could classify themselves as such five years ago.

Perhaps most impressively, however, smartphone users are now just under one-third of total mobile users and about 20% of the global population (vs. 1.5% of the population in 2008).

To learn more about the data and projections made in the Global Media Intelligence Report, which is eMarketer’s largest and most comprehensive snapshot of the state of media usage and spending worldwide, click here.