Email Still Relevant in UK, Especially on Mobile Devices

Email Still Relevant in UK, Especially on Mobile DevicesEmail isn’t going anywhere soon — except, of course, to a mobile device.

And that’s no hindrance in the UK, it appears.

According to recent research from the Direct Marketing Association UK (DMA UK), fast.MAP, and DBS Data, there have been notable increases in the number of people using their mobile devices to read the subject lines of emails and even open them.

“In August 2013, only 10 percent of respondents said they opened emails on their mobile phone or smartphone; in September 2014, that proportion had risen to 17 percent,” according to eMarketer. “The proportion reading subject lines on their mobiles and smartphones increased even more than that — 19 percent said they did so in August 2013 vs. 29 percent in September 2014.”

The research was conducted in October, 2014, and it showed that mobile devices remain the most popular for email activity, with three-quarters of respondents using them for the most important activity — opening messages.