Email Security Threats Remain a Persistent Headache

Email Security Threats Remain a Persistent HeadacheAccording to the disturbing findings of a new report from Halon, a leader in email security, threats abound in your inbox.

The new survey, “Email Spam and Related User Behavior,” which was conducted by market research group TNS Global, discovered that 94.7 percent of Americans received at least one email containing a virus, spyware, or malware.

About one in eleven (8.8%) opened the attachment and infected their computer. Almost a third (30.2%) came dangerously close to doing the same, opening the email but stopping short of opening the attachment.

According to the announced findings of the new survey, these spam emails bogusly claim to come most often from banking institutions (15.9%), social media sites like Facebook or Twitter (15.2%), and online payment services (12.8%).
One in three Americans admit they would open an unsolicited email—even if it seems suspicious—depending on its subject line.

“Spam email is an unfortunate fact of life in the computer age. Users have become more aware of the threats they face, but spammers have also become craftier in disguising these messages,” says Halon’s North American CEO and co-founder, Jonas Falck. “Web hosting and email service providers don’t always prevent spam email threats from being delivered, so people need to be careful when encountering suspicious emails that may hijack their computer or render it inoperable.”