Email on Your Desktop? Does That Still Exist?

Email on Your Desktop Does That Still ExistOne need only glance around their immediate surroundings when out in public to realize that people everywhere are using their mobile devices anywhere and everywhere at virtually any time. Day in and day out, one of the most common uses for these devices, including smartphones and tablets, is that which used to be done solely on laptops and desktops: checking email.

In fact, more than half of all emails opened worldwide during the 2013 holiday season were opened on mobile devices. Just under 25% of emails are now being opened on desktop or laptop computers (with the rest on webmail).

All told, the number one activity among tablet users in the first half of 2013 was checking email (those of a personal or professional nature) according to a July 2013 poll by Deloitte.  Among smartphone users, almost 75% responded that they use their phones to do the same thing. Both of these numbers make email the number one priority for tablet and smartphone users.

Not only are consumers using their mobile devices to check email more regularly, marketers are seeing an excellent return on investment in mobile email. Analysis of the third quarter of 2013 showed that revenues on mobile marketing emails were far better than desktop with revenues per click at $7.14 as opposed to $3.26.

And so it seems that, at least when it comes to email, tablets and smartphones are now the preferred way to read and respond to them whether at home, at work, or on the go.