eGift Cards Go Rogue, Bring in New Customers Says Yiftee Report

Yifteeonline-shopping, a provider of data-driven mobile promotions and gifting solutions for retail and restaurants (which started out as an eGifting company), has experienced what it calls explosive growth as it has diversified its offerings and created new ways for clients to build their businesses.

Additionally, a provided release notes, a new analytics package that enables clients to view results in real time and across multiple variables has attracted increasingly larger companies over the past quarter.

“Included on the roster of companies that have signed on with Yiftee over the last 6 months are 195-location Great Harvest Bread Co., 82-location GoodCents Subs, 44-location Restaurants Unlimited (RUI), 14-location Steak-Out, and 11-location Boloco among many others,” the Yiftee crew tells us.

And so far, all seems to be working out swimmingly.

For example, Yiftee’s integration with loyalty programs, such as Perkville, a top loyalty program in the health and fitness space with over 2,000 member clubs, enables them to offer instant rewards that save health clubs money while enhancing the selection of member perks.

“Yiftee is changing the mobile marketing landscape for businesses of all sizes,” says CEO Donna Novitsky. “Customers continue to find new ways to use our platform to build their business.  In many cases our customers have helped us to evolve our product to meet their needs.  As a result, we are able to offer our clients many business solutions beyond eGift Cards.”